I had poor progress with two local PhD’s ( therapy) concerning my issues. I struggled leaving a toxic relationship and not utilizing my own knowledge about positive psychology and building a happier life. Gemma demonstrated great insight about relationships and why I had difficulty. She was patient and kind offering tremendous support. As I moved forward by her coaching and reading her books, I started building a new life. A better life. It took a while and some work on my part but she was with me all the way. I cannot think of a better person and life coach. Oh…. I eat healthier now too! I highly recommend Gemma as she has the ability to support, guide, and focus you on a better more healthier life in many ways. Time passes quickly!… I urge you to just try her knowledgeable and genuine skills to build yourself a truly joyful and rewarding life. Thank you Gemma !! Feel free to use me as a reference!


There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Gemma is. Her dedication to helping people find the healthiest and happiest way to live their lives shines through. My daughter has been seeing her and the change is undeniable. She’s happier, more confident and on the road to truly believing in herself. Thank you so much Gemma


Thank you Gemma for all you have done for me. I couldn’t speak after our session without getting teary-eyed. I’m Tom again and you showed me the way. You’ve helped me see things differently and gave me my confidence back.


I went to Gemma not really knowing what to expect. I am a successful professional with a great job and a single mother with a wonderful relationship with her children. But the many demands placed on me, year after year, were taking their toll on me emotionally and physically. Gemma tailored a program specifically to my needs. She taught me so many techniques to help with my stress level and helped me understand more about my nutritional needs as well. I am a happier, more peaceful person as a result of Gemma’s careful and knowledgeable guidance!


I was recommended to see a therapist due to suffering from depression and anxiety. I was never a big fan of talk therapy but tried it anyway just to make the doctor happy. I hated it and I was not getting anywhere with these people. I got an email from the unemployment agency about Gemma speaking at the Middletown Public Library. I was so impressed with what she had to say and even my mom thought she gave great advice. So, I made the phone call to Gemma and we met in person just before the pandemic, we talked about what areas of my life that I wanted to work on. Each appointment we came up with a game plan of how to attack my goals. Gemma is also a very empathic person, she is the one who gets it! You do not have to explain how you feel to her; she just understands. If you are like me and are looking to get unstuck in life give Gemma a call she changed my life for the better.


I am so tremendously grateful to have Gemma Nastasi as a health and life coach. I have been working with Gemma for well over 3 years. She has helped me silence my “inner critic” which historically made me dwell on what hasn’t worked out in my life plan. She’s challenged me to reach higher and expect more for myself in all aspects of life. Since working with Gemma, I’ve been promoted twice and am doing a job I love. My relationships with work colleagues and friends have improved as well…I’m confident setting boundaries and saying no when I need to. And, I’m in a much better place to have love in my life of all kinds…Gemma is so intelligent…she truly takes such care with every client and learns what their hot buttons are. She has such unique insights that have transformed the way I think. I can’t say enough about the amazing role she has played in my 2nd act. I’m 46 years old and feel like I’m just beginning!!
She works wonders! And, is an Angel on this Earth.



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