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Professional Mentor Coaching Program: Essential for ICF Credential Renewal 

Are you a health coaching professional looking to renew or upgrade your credentials with the International Coaching Federation? As a Professional Certified Coach, I offer a specialized Mentor Coaching Program tailored to meet the ICF’s requirement of ten hours of mentor coaching every three years for credential renewal. My program, uniquely designed for both aspiring and established health coaches, provides an in-depth understanding and practical skills necessary for your career advancement.

This program includes seven hours of group mentor coaching and three hours of individual coaching. These sessions are structured to meticulously prepare you for the recorded sessions submission, a crucial part of the approval process for ICF credentialing. Whether you’re applying for an initial credential, upgrading your current credential, or renewing your ACC credential, this program is crafted to ensure your success.

The total program investment is $895, which covers both the seven group sessions and the three individual sessions.

Bonus Resource: “The Easy Guide to Starting a Health Coaching Business From Scratch”

In addition to mentor coaching, I offer an invaluable resource for those interested in entering the coaching business. My book, “The Easy Guide to Starting a Health Coaching Business From Scratch,” alongside my comprehensive course, provides a step-by-step approach to establishing and thriving in your health coaching business. This guide is an essential tool for beginners and a refresher for seasoned professionals in the health coaching field.

Together, the Mentor Coaching Program and these resources offer a complete package for your professional development in health coaching. Enroll now to take the next step in your coaching career with confidence and competence.

Nourish Your Mental Health

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, I am trained and experienced in helping you to make positive changes in your life. Learn what the happiest people in the world have in common and how to become one of them.

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Unlock Your Potential with a Certified Professional Coach

As a seasoned coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, a National Board-Certified Health Coach, and I hold certifications in Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, holistic nutrition, and Life Coaching, I am dedicated to guiding clients toward achieving unparalleled personal and professional growth. Embrace the journey to become the best version of yourself across all facets of life with our comprehensive coaching services.

Transform Your Life: Coaching Packages Tailored For You

Embark on your transformation with my flexible coaching programs, ranging from one to six months, designed to fit your unique needs and aspirations. Begin with a complimentary coaching consultation to set the stage for your journey. Before our first in-depth ninety-minute session, you’ll receive assessments and a questionnaire to help tailor our discussion toward identifying and achieving your goals. Subsequent sessions are crafted for forty-five minutes weekly, providing consistent, targeted support.

Stay connected and receive the encouragement you need between sessions via phone, text, or email. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your well-being, navigate life changes, or achieve professional milestones, our tailored coaching approach empowers you at every step.

   Coaching for Change

Answering the questions below is the first step toward change. The Thought and the Plan

What would you like to change?__________________________

Why do you want to make the change?______________________

How can you make the change?____________________________

If you have had the What, Why, and How for a while and have not successfully made the change, then coaching for change can help.

Coaching is a Partnership Built on Trust to Achieve Success

 Gemma Nastasi: Championing Healthier Lives Since 2009

Since embarking on her journey in 2009, Gemma Nastasi has passionately dedicated herself to guiding others toward happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Gemma’s initial step into this realm began with her certification in holistic nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Through her extensive experience working with diverse clients, she recognized a critical link: often, poor self-care stemmed from deeper issues like unhappiness and low self-esteem. This realization underscored the importance of the mind-body connection in achieving overall well-being.

Deepening her expertise, Gemma explored the realm of positive psychology. She earned certifications in applied positive psychology and coaching from The Flourishing Center in New York, further solidifying her approach to holistic health. These qualifications were a stepping stone to becoming a National Board Certified Coach and an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach.

As the founder of Gemma Health Coach, LLC, based in Red Bank, New Jersey, Gemma Nastasi has evolved into a multifaceted professional. She is not only a health coach but also a motivational keynote speaker and an acclaimed author. Gemma has shared her insights at various prestigious events, including the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York, NY, Meridian’s Woman Rock Event at the Paramount in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and The Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Gemma’s contributions to literature and online platforms are significant. Her books, “The Positive Psychology Diet: 21 Days to a Happier and Healthier Life, “Happiness Is My Choice – A Practical Guide to Happiness,” and “The Easy Guide to Starting a Health Coaching Business From Scratch” are available on Amazon.com. Additionally, she has penned insightful articles like “Capitalize on Adversity” and “Do Not Make Resolutions—Set Goals and Take a Time Out with a Pajama Day.” Her expertise in happiness also extends to digital platforms, where she serves as the happiness expert for Pink Wisdom, founded by actress Alison Chace.

Beyond individual coaching, Gemma specializes in creating and presenting Positive Psychology Presentations for groups. Her services encompass a range of packages, including group sessions, workshops, and positivity courses, tailored to foster personal and professional growth.

In her personal life, Gemma finds joy in family time, cooking healthy meals, and exploring healthy travel destinations. She lives by the motto, “The teacher comes when the student is ready,” a belief that encapsulates her approach to coaching and lifelong learning.

Embark on a Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life with Guided Coaching

I am deeply honored to fulfill my life’s mission: guiding others toward a life filled with happiness and health. Remember, the thoughts you nurture shape the world around you. Reflect for a moment – what is the nature of your inner dialogue? Would you speak to your dearest friend in the way you converse with yourself?

My coaching approach is designed to infuse balance and positivity into your life. Utilizing an array of coaching techniques and positive psychology tools, we delve into essential practices like mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude. We explore the art of savoring life’s joys, the importance of kindness, and the profound happiness that comes from aiding others.

The world’s happiest individuals share some common traits: nurturing positive, loving relationships, consistently practicing gratitude, and being mindful of their ‘flow’ – effortlessly engaging with life’s rhythms. Through our sessions, you’ll learn to create a harmonious balance in all aspects of your life, paving the way to a more joyful existence.


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