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Do You Wonder Why You Have Been Unsuccessful in Changing Your Habits and Achieving Your Goals?

Do You feel stuck in your personal or professional life and struggle to find the motivation to move forward?

Is your negative mind chatter holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Perhaps That is Not Your Fault. Our Brains are Wired for Negativity. The Negative Pathways to the Brain are Strengthened When You Focus on Negative Thoughts.

How Can I Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Most people struggle with making positive changes because they lack the support or the confidence to believe in their success. I work with my clients to guide them to create their vision of success and set goals in all areas of their life.

Studies show that 50% of your happiness is genetic, 10% is life circumstances, and 40% is controllable. Positive Psychology coaching allows clients to use their 40% to create a growth mindset to realize their full potential. Self-regulation, self-care, controlling stress, and having a positive mindset are essential to achieving a successful personal and professional life.

As an experienced and well-trained coach, I am aware of my client’s stage of change. I partner with them in a nonjudgemental coaching process that motivates, inspires, and supports them to achieve their maximum potential. I use skillful questioning, assessments, accountability, and positive psychology techniques to help my clients achieve their goals and change their habits. Together we will discover, define, and design your dream of success and work towards achieving it.

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My Story

My passion for helping people to become happier and healthier came from my childhood experiences of living with family members who suffered from depression and who were constantly dieting. I observed the connection between healthy living and happiness, and It became apparent that feeling good about oneself was very helpful in creating a positive mindset. My empathy for all affected by depression made me try to convert negative things into positive ones whenever possible. Over the years, I realized that my empathy and ability to convert negativity was a gift, and I wanted to use it to help anyone I could who was suffering from emotional pain.

My journey to create my coaching business started in 2009 when I started my education with a certification course in Holistic Nutrition from The American College of Healthcare Sciences. Shortly after becoming a nutrition coach, I opened my Red Bank, New Jersey office. Over the years, I achieved additional certifications as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, National Board-Certified Health Coach, and a certification in Lifestyle Medicine. My Positive Psychology training inspired me to publish two books, The Positive Psychology Diet- 21 Days to a Happier and Healthier Life and Happiness is My Choice. In addition to working with individual clients, I create and present workshops and presentations for groups on Positive Psychology. Some of my speaking events include The Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York in 2020, Meridian Woman Rock Event in 2018, and The Lodge at Woodloch in 2021 and 2022.

Of all the certifications I have earned, I am most passionate about my certification as a Positive Psychology Practitioner. I now realize that as a child, I used positive psychology tools to help myself and other family members cope and overcome adversity without knowing it. Positive psychology is the study of what makes a good life, makes us thrive and flourish, and makes us happier and healthier. I support and guide my clients using health and life coaching and positive psychology tools to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The many years of my training and experience have been invaluable in helping to support and motivate my clients on their road to success.

“Life does not get better by chance. It gets better with change.” – Jim Rohn.

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Food Choices

Envision Your Best Self. What Do You Need To Be The Best Version Of You? As Your Coach, I will Guide and Support You With Your Nutrition Goals to Become The Best Version Of You.

Reduce Stress

Stress Can Cause Havoc on Your Life. Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Could Control Your Reaction to Stress. Breathing Exercise and Meditation are Great Stress Relievers. As Your Coach, We Will Discover The Best Ways For You to Cope With Stress


The World Health Orgasnization Recommends That Adults Do 150 Minutes Of Moderate-Intensity Exercise Or 75 Minutes of Vigorous-Intensity Exercise Per Week In Order to Improve and Maintain Wellness. How Does That Compare To Your Fitness Schedule? As Your Coach, We Will Explore and Set Your Fitnes goals.


Discover What is New and What I have been up to, Check In to See When I Offer My Free Zoom Presentations on Positive Healthy Living. Coming Soon!

Videos and Books

Woman Rock Event - Paramount Asbury Park, NJ
Happiness Expert for Pink Wisdom

Happiness Is My Choice

Happiness Is My Choice Book is a self-help book that I wrote to help you create a happier and healthier life with the tools of Positive Psychology.

Paperback & Kindle Version

The Positive Psychology Diet

The Positive Psychology Diet Book is a self-help book that I wrote to help you change your life in just 21 Days.

Paperback- $19.99 Kindle- $3.99

Back on Track Monthly Package


This package is designed for people who are having difficulty getting motivated and want to get back on track or want to set a personal or professional goal. This package offers short term coaching, support and accountability on the road to achieving success. The 4 – week package includes an assessment, 1 – 60 – minute session and 3 – 45 – minute sessions with unlimited email and text support for the entire 4 weeks

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Three – Month Goal Achievement


This 3 – month package is for people who want to work on personal or professional goals and need the support, guidance, and tools to achieve success. This coaching partnership will offer the client a trusting and supportive environment to discover, design and define their outcome goals. This package includes assessments, 3 – month goal sheet, 1 – 90 – minute session and 11 – 45 -minute sessions with email and text message support for 3 months

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Six – Month Success Package


Congratulations! This package is for people who have the desire to create changes in their personal and professional life. The 6- month package is for you if you are lacking motivation and feel stuck but are ready to break through to achieve your personal or professional goals (job changes, stress management, nutrition, habit changes and positivity) and create the life you have always wanted. This package includes: Assessments, 6 – month goal sheet, 1- 90 -minute session and 19 – 45-minute coaching session with email and text messaging support for the entire 6 months.

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  • Monthly Couples Coaching – 1-90 – minute, 3 – 60 – minute sessions -$1025
  • Corporate Group Coaching and Workshops – Contact Gemma for Details

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