It is Time to Thrive

A woman jumping near the sea

It is Time to Thrive

How can you create a positive life when you are recovering from a negative event? Whether it is the uncertainties of Covid-19 or a negative life event, it can be difficult to imagine that you will experience happiness again. There is a road back I promise you, but it will take work.

What can you do? Basically, the most important thing you can do is to keep busy.

The following suggestions can help you rebuild your life and take your mind off anything that does not make you show up as your best self.

  • Read a book – There are a variety of self-help books or read a positive fiction book and escape into the story.
  • Meditate/Pray – I love the app Insight timer – they have a free account too
  • Call or Visit a friend on Zoom
  • Watch an uplifting TV series or Comedy. There are many options on Netflix and Hulu.
  • Listen to music – Create a playlist of your favorite songs
  • Join a Meetup Group on-line (there are Meetup groups for almost everything, book clubs, cooking, meditation)
  • Learn something new – (a new language, a card game, an online course) Coursera is an on-line app with a variety of courses)
  • Journal – journaling can be an effective way to purge your thoughts and to reflect
  • Write gratitude lists – Create a gratitude habit. It forces your brain to focus on the positive and creates positive pathways if you are consistent with focusing on gratitude
  • Help someone – Studies show that doing for others creates positive feelings for the person doing the good deed as well as the recipient.
  • Organize – You will feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Take up a new hobby or learn a craft
  • Look your best – Looking good adds to feeling good.
  • Exercise – let the endorphins flow. There are plenty of online exercises that are free of charge. Ride a bike or purchase exercise equipment (exercise bike, rowing machine, elliptical, treadmill, etc.) Many of the exercise equipment companies are offering financing at 0% and are also offering training programs with a variety of workouts. Nordictrack and Peloton are offering 0% financing over time. Orange theory offers a free online workout to do at home with different exercise levels. Pure Barre offers Pure Barre Go for $29.00 per month with several workouts to do at home.
  • Eat healthy non- processed foods to feel your best
  • Rearrange furniture, decorate or paint a room
  • Enjoy nature whenever you can
  • Limit listening to the news. Always be informed but you do not have to listen all day or every day.
  • Smile– smiling has a positive effect on your mood

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