I had poor progress with two local PhD's ( therapy) concerning my issues. I struggled leaving a toxic relationship and not utilizing my own knowledge about positive psychology and building a happier life. Gemma demonstrated great insight about relationships and why I had difficulty. She was patient and kind offering tremendous support. As I moved forward by her coaching and reading her books, I started building a new life. A better life. It took a while and some work on my part but she was with me all the way. I cannot think of a better person and life coach. Oh.... I eat healthier now too! I highly recommend Gemma as she has the ability to support, guide, and focus you on a better more healthier life in many ways. Time passes quickly!... I urge you to just try her knowledgeable and genuine skills to build yourself a truly joyful and rewarding life. Thank you Gemma !! Feel free to use me as a reference!


There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Gemma is. Her dedication to helping people find the healthiest and happiest way to live their lives shines through. My daughter has been seeing her and the change is undeniable. She’s happier, more confident and on the road to truly believing in herself. Thank you so much Gemma.


I went to Gemma not really knowing what to expect. I am a successful professional with a great job and a single mother with a wonderful relationship with her children. But the many demands placed on me, year after year, were taking their toll on me emotionally and physically. Gemma tailored a program specifically to my needs. She taught me so many techniques to help with my stress level and helped me understand more about my nutritional needs as well. I am a happier, more peaceful person as a result of Gemma’s careful and knowledgeable guidance!


When I found Gemma on Facebook I was very happy to hear what she was doing and decided to call her. I got involved with her program because I needed help with a few issues in my life. When I started this program I didn’t think I could do it. I was so out of shape. I started believing that this program was for me. With Gemma’s support and trust I believed I could do this. Week after week I was losing weight and feeling a lot better about myself. I have never felt like this before. I am a lot healthier and happy now that I decided to stay with Gemma’s program. If you have any issues in your life and want to feel better about yourself I would strongly consider this program. All you need is trust and belief in yourself that this will work for you.


Gemma is an absolutely amazing life coach. People are drawn to her positive energy and attitude. She is able to guide you in all areas of your life, and help you be your best physically and mentally. She is also knowledable in holistic nutrition, which is important to me. She has helped my entire family become healthier. Meet with Gemma for a consultation, and you’ll see why I highly recommend her!


I was at an all time low and was in need of reconnecting to who I was. It was at this time that I was introduced to Gemma. I knew I was on the right track within minutes of meeting her. Just being in her company you’ll begin to feel transformed. Her healthy outlook is contagious, and her approach to living a “healthy life” from the inside out, is within everyone’s reach. Your life will drastically improve mind, body & spirit. It has been a wonderful experience being in the company of such a loving soul. I would recommend anyone wanting to give themselves the gift of life, to contact her. You won’t regret it!


Thank you Gemma for all you have done for me. I couldn’t speak after our session without getting teary-eyed. I’m Tom again and you showed me the way. You’ve helped me see things differently and gave me my confidence back.


Gemma has a refreshing outlook on life and health. She has opened my eyes to exercising more and making better selections to the food I eat. Anyone who has the privilege to work with Gemma will gain years to their life There is only one name associated with a better way of life and that is GEMMA….


Gemma is a well-rounded coach. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise will help guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Her positive outlook is contagious! Gemma will open your eyes to a new way to live your life!


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