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I have learned that exercise can have several different meanings to different people.

The level and extent can vary depending upon one’s personality type. The overachiever tends to be extreme. The underachiever tends to quickly fall off the exercise wagon. The most successful exercise personality seems to be the moderate person.  They also have the least risk of injury and the best chance of continuing without burnout.

I am sure that I don’t have to go over the many benefits of exercise. The release of endorphins are enough of a reason for me.   It is the best natural antidepressant.

Let’s not make promises that we can’t keep. Let’s make realistic goals. Let’s start slow and steady.  Don’t exercise 7 days a week if you never exercised. Start by taking a brisk walk for twenty minutes three times a week. Give that time to yourself to walk and talk with a friend, listen to music or just observe nature.  If you cannot walk outside then do something pleasurable while walking on the treadmill.

Allow yourself to have a bad day without guilt and self punishment. Life isn’t supposed to be so hard. Each day is a chance to do our best and each day our best can differ. Allow that and honor yourself.

As your coach,  I will partner with you and support you to achieve your exercise goals.

Life is a journey. Make it a happy and healthy one.

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